Cynthia Currie

Fly Like A Girl

Cynthia Currie

Fly Like A Girl
A flying fish... and adventure athlete.

A flying fish. Raised a fish, by her parents, more in the ocean than out... She discovered her love for flight in her late teens.

With a background in Marine Engineering, Cynthia has used her technical background to perfect her flying skills over the last 14 years. She is a skydiving and paragliding instructor out of Monterey California, and frequently travels the world to further her passion for BASE jumping, speed flying/paragliding, and kite surfing in new and exotic places.

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Wingsuit BASEJumping


Passionate about flying, Cynthia has flown all over the world. The most memorable and beautiful jumps she has done have been in Walenstatd, Switzerland. Check out the video below of her and Zak Tessier flying the Crack line together. 




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