Cynthia Currie

Fly Like A Girl

Cynthia Currie

Fly Like A Girl
A flying fish... and adventure athlete.

A flying fish. Raised a fish, by her parents, more in the ocean than out... She discovered her love for flight in her late teens.

With a background in Marine Engineering, Cynthia has used her technical background to perfect her flying skills over the last 17 years. She is a paragliding, skydiving, and BASE instructor for Monterey Sky Sports, a traveling paragliding school that she owns and operates. Cyn frequently travels the world to further her passion for air and water sports in new and exotic places, check out her Travel Blog to follow her adventures.

Have you ever dreamed of Flight!!?

Come learn to fly with Cyn and Monterey Sky Sports. We are a small school designed to give you personalized one on one flight instruction. Our instructors have been working in the flying industry for a over decade and are here to give you a taste of flight that we hope will have you coming back soon for more. Mostly based out of Washington, Utah, and California but we do travel all over the west coast of the United States and globe for international guided trips!

Paragliding and freeflight is a beautiful way to experience the local area, while learning about a new and exciting sport. Come join us for a instructional tandem flight and taste what flying is all about. We also offer an introductory day class, which will give you an introduction to the basics of solo flight. If you already know you are passionate about learning to fly and paragliding, sign up for our novice training package!



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