Cynthia Currie

Fly Like A Girl


What does it feel like to fly?

Well, imagine surfing on a perfect ground swell with an off shore breeze. Perfectly glassy water below and crystal clear so that every grain of sand on the sea floor seems to stand out. The board effortlessly slices through the cool blue water and is easy to stand on. If you just relax, the wave will carry you down the line towards the shore. The feeling is weightless as the natural power of the wave propels the board forward. ... or you can choose to maneuver the board gracefully up and down the face of the wave, using the waves energy to power you and your board’s movements.

Ridge soaring a paraglider is much the same feeling, and also the same concept. Using the updraft of created by wind as it hits a cliff face (or any obstacle) -- Air behaves like water when in motion. 


Cynthia started kite surfing at fifteen years old and flying parachutes when she was nineteen. With these two sports in her arsenal, paragliding was a natural progression. Diving in head first, she immersed herself in the sport of paragliding and speed flying. She has combined her love of paragliding and her love of teaching and started her own paragliding school Monterey Sky Sports in Monterey, California. Everyone should experience the feeling of flight!

In every woman lives a little girl. Let her play, and she will teach you to FLY!

Check out her school at Monterey Sky Sports