Cynthia Currie

Fly Like A Girl

Adventure Wolf

Roan Raven Wolf


Roan Raven Wolf

Adventure Wolf Extraordinaire, Roan is always by Cyn’s side. He paraglides, rappels, and can scramble up pretty much anything you can.

Birthday: March 30, 2016 Weight: 52 lbs
Lineage: Half Siberian Husky. Part Wolf and part White German Shepard.
He has heterochromia (one brown eye and one blue eye)

Roan is a registered Emotional Support Animal and in training to be a Service Dog.

Started paragliding April 2018 at Monterey Sky Sports with Cyn

Dog Sitting and House Sitting

Roan and Cyn specialize in coming to watch your beloved pet in his/her home to cause the least amount of stress from your absence. Being in their familiar den and sticking to their normal routine will give both you and your pet ease of mind during your vacation. Follow LINK for more information.

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